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Kaspersky speaks on IoT security risks and remedies in NASSCOM India webinar

IoT security risks

Kaspersky, is all set to participate in a tech session hosted by the NASSCOM India on 21st October 2020 between 3:00-4:00 pm (IST). The session, titled ‘Deep Dive on IoT Security’, will see Kaspersky’s speaker, Mr. Marat Nuriev, Business Development Manager for KasperskyOS Business Unit will be discussing the potential risks of IoT applications and appropriate measures to manage these security vulnerabilities.

IoT has improved the lifestyle of individuals by introducing automated services, improving industrial applications and used for multiple business purposes. The IoT applications help these businesses to attain a competitive edge over their competitors. However, due to the excessive adoption of various smart devices with data sharing and integration, the privacy and data breach becomes a significant concern to most businesses, as it interrupts the flow of work, activities, and network services. It is essential to have professionals to overcome these threat concerns and develop comprehensive security measures and policies to protect their business assets and ensure services continuity and stability.

The session would cover the following highlights:

  • Overview of the IoT applications and potential risks. Kaspersky IoT vulnerability research and case studies.
  • Kaspersky’s approach for securing IoT infrastructure: cyber-immunity concept.
  • Recommendations to avoid the risks and to remedy the possible IoT security vulnerabilities.
  • Applying appropriate IoT security and privacy measures.

Mr. Marat Nuriev has over 15 years of experience in the ICT industry and has worked for several global Telco and IT vendors. He was responsible for mobile broadband solutions sales, and led network consulting projects for leading mobile operators. In the past four years he has been engaged in the development of IoT Security and Cloud business at Kaspersky. His deep understanding on the subject is what makes this session even more interesting and a great opportunity for security experts to learn and acquire expertise on the subject as well as discuss the Do’s and Don’ts while integrating IoT applications with business.

“IoT has seen a massive boost in the recent years especially in developing countries like India, where digitalization is at its peak. Small and large businesses are equally excited to explore the new opportunities that have come their way due to the ‘Digital India’ initiative, and companies are looking forward to integrating advanced technologies in order to achieve technological innovations and grow their businesses. IoT applications are one of the popular technologies that have a huge potential in a market like India. Hence, we feel that this is the right time for us to start a dialogue on IoT security in order to safeguard the infrastructure at the basic level and continue adding security layers while further building the infrastructure. This is the way to achieve very high level of protection and to enjoy all the benefits of new technology without fear of cyberattacks”, said Mr. Marat Nuriev, Business Development Manager for Kaspersky OS Business Unit.

Mr. Nuriev further added, “We are really grateful to the NASSCOM India team who has given us this platform and helped us have a discussion with the people for whom security is their highest priority, and we are very enthusiastic to help them build a safer world together.”

The Internet of Things (IoTs) is likely to make processes easier and less time consuming for businesses, and this session by NASSCOM India and Kaspersky is the key to know everything about IoT applications and their security.

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