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Autonomous Vehicle Hardware Summit Launches in Silicon Valley, March 27 2019

Autonomous Vehicle

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As the first and only conference dedicated solely to the ecosystem developing and deploying hardware for connected and autonomous vehicles, the Autonomous Vehicle Hardware Summit provides a key opportunity for technology leaders from automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, semiconductor companies & EDAs, sensor, LIDAR and RADAR companies to share experiences and build a comprehensive understanding of the architectural roadmap of emerging AV products. This event will be particularly relevant to start-ups developing AI accelerators and computer vision-based technologies for the automotive industry.

“There are many issues in autonomous driving silicon including trade-offs between SoC performance and functional safety, predictability of machine learning hardware functions, environmental robustness and many others. At Arteris IP, we are looking forward to contributing our knowledge of these issues at the Autonomous Vehicle Hardware Summit and are looking forward to hearing how others have approached these challenges. As one of the members of the autonomous driving value chain, we are innovating to serve the needs of automated driving system designers and are looking forward to sharing knowledge with Semiconductor, Tier-1 and Automotive OEM technologists,” said Charles Janac, President & CEO of Arteris.

In 2019, the connected & autonomous vehicle industry must overcome some key, fundamental challenges around cost, power consumption and functional safety. Many of these issues are to do with hardware architectures, and the optimization of cutting-edge hardware with efficient algorithms. To control the automated driving value chain a knowledge of hardware is crucial – the hardware architectures of Level 3, 4 & 5 AVs, often termed ‘super computers on wheels’, will be fundamental to the ultimate effectiveness and cost of the vehicle, and the overall quality of the user experience.

The AV Hardware Summit will bring together 150+ hardware & automotive leaders to help overcome these challenges and pave the way for the next generation of driverless cars.

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